Spring Fever!







sunrise lion

Being a mother of two pups, I have a daily ritual of honoring the sun everyday. Having such vocal children, they will bug you non-stop until you take them out, never allowing you once to “sleep in”…unless you plan on wanting to do some extra cleaning.

This morning as the sun was rising, I found myself fixated on the dandy lion puffs glistening with dew. I decided to go back out and retrieve the camera and try to catch a bunch of shots and see if I could capture exactly what I was viewing. I did not photoshop any of the pictures, colors, etc. All photos are exactly how I uploaded them from the camera. I did try a few different settings, and found myself a little disappointed in the zoom because I had the 18-55 lens on. The 55 just did not seem to cut it with every little detail of the flower/weed.